Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"The Jungle" Essay American Literatue

          What does it mean to struggle against injustice? "The Jungle" shows examples of struggles against injustice. The Jungle shows a lot of injustices, for example Jurgis and his family came to Chicago and started working for low pay. They couldn't complain because they would get fired. Its not fair because the whole family are working super hard for low pay. Ona is forced to prostitution by her boss, and was threatened if she said anything he was going to fire her whole family. Its really unfair because Ona is married and she is forced to do something she does not want to. ( SHE IS FORCED TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM). Jurgis tried to defend his wife by beating up the boss, this action did not help the situation. Jurgis went to jail for assualt and battery and the boss got away with everything he did. This example is a struggle for injustice because he tried to do the right thing, but when it came to the judge Jurgis got sentence to 30 days in jail. "The Jungle" shows a lot of examples of struggles against in justice. Jurgis and his family came to Chicago to have a better life, they started working hard and they had low pays. Ona was forced to prostitution and threatened if she said anything her whole family was getting fired. Jurgis tried to get justice but the only thing he got is 30 days in jail.